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Client Testimonial: Mary Emma, Washington, DC

Composition ID Washington DC client, Mary Emma, designed a sustainable, effective approach to nutrition after gathering data about her specific metabolism. Read on to see…

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How to set the SMART-est goals in 2020

Turns out there is a correct way to set a goal, proven scientifically and tested over time. Heather Huntsman, Ph.D., CSCS, explains how setting SMART…

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DC Magazine: 5 Questions With Fitness Guru Tiffany Harlan

Composition ID founder & CEO, Tiffany Harlan, sat down to speak with DC Magazine about her path in business and health, including her top wellness tips…

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Client Transformation: 2019 Fall Fat Loss Challenge Winner, Courtney V.

Arlington client and 2019 Fall Fat Loss Challenge winner, Courtney, transformed her body composition by partnering with Composition ID’s DEXA scanning, RMR testing, nutrition coaching…

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Your Guide to Nutritionist-Approved Holiday Cocktails

Forget falling off your nutrition plan over the holidays. It’s possible to indulge responsibly on boozy libations or mocktails and still make your nutrition coach…

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Intermittent Fasting vs. Frequent Meals: What Does the Science Say?

To eat (every 2-3 hours), or not to eat (at all, for hours)? That is the (huge) question. Fad diets can seem romantic, promising speedy…

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Lessons from Nature: The Power of Nutrition & Mindset along the Country’s Toughest Terrains

Matthew Stofko, also known as Pinwheel PCT, pushes the limit. An avid hiker, Matt has taken on two of the most famous U.S. trails in…

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No Time? No Problem. Last-Minute Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes to Save the Day

The holidays are a rush. And we’re not just talking about traffic. When life gets in the way of planning “the big meal,” we’ve discovered…

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Client Transformation: Sherry Yu, Washington, D.C.

Back with another client perspective from our series of body composition transformation journeys with precision nutrition! We’ve been asking Composition ID clients how they have…

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Is Red Meat Safe to Eat Now? Our Experts Weigh In

Studies on the health impact of consuming red meat and processed meat are pervasive in nutritional science these days, with much evidence linking over-consumption to…

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Client Transformation: Deb Carstoiu, Washington, D.C.

We asked Composition ID clients how they used strategic nutrition planning to transform their body composition. We were curious which plan worked best to reach…

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5 Recipes to “Trick” Yourself with “Treats” this Halloween

There’s no denying, Halloween comes with a slew of obstacles for those who are committed to a healthy diet. But with a few tweaks and…

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Composition ID in Washington D.C. team
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CEO Spotlight: District Performance & Physio Interviews CompID’s Tiffany Harlan

Composition ID Founder & CEO, Tiffany Harlan, speaks with District Performance & Physio on the importance of finding a fitness and nutrition plan that works…

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Partner Spotlight: MightyMeals Interviews CompID’s Rafi Al-Dajani

Composition ID’s Managing Partner, Rafi Al-Dajani, spoke with DC’s premier healthy food preparation company and Composition ID partner, MightyMeals, about improving health and fitness through…

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Do Protein Needs Change as We Age?

The human body changes dramatically with age. While we don’t have control over the passing years, we can control important factors that keep us healthy…

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