The Benefits of Hiring a Nutrition Coach

Shannon Miller

January 14, 2022

What you choose to feed your body every day is not always an easy decision. With so much information out there on what a “healthy diet” looks like, it can seem overwhelming and downright impossible to piece together – and stick to – a nutrition plan that works for your goals and lifestyle. Enter: The Nutrition Coach.

Several types of coaches exist in the industry to help individuals or groups optimize their performance at work, establish better daily habits, or serve as a guide through the ups and downs of life. Coaches typically get to know their clients on a deep level, working with them on a regular basis and providing personalized support. Over time, coaches can become a valuable asset to ongoing personal development and achievement. When it comes to nutrition habits, a coach can be just as valuable.

Nutrition Coaches get personal

Just like a business coach or a life coach, a Nutrition Coach takes full inventory of your current lifestyle and biometrics by taking a deep dive into your current nutrition habits, as well as body composition and resting metabolic rate data. With total knowledge of where you are coming from, a coach can help you carve out goals that are personal to you, whether it is losing a certain percentage of body fat or gaining lean muscle mass (or both). The recommendations a Nutrition Coach will make for a nutrition plan will also be highly personal and based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaches lean on SCIENCE

There are online calculators that guess your BMI or resting metabolic rate to inform a total caloric expenditure per day, then there is accurate, personalized testing with advanced technology. Nutrition Coaches utilize gold standard DEXA scanning and resting metabolic rate testing devices to examine your unique biological data. Then, a coach can craft a nutrition plan that incorporates the correct range of calories your body requires per day to either lose or gain weight based on the science of your body. Online calculators can provide an estimate of calories needed each day to reach a goal over time, but the margin of error may be substantial. Nutrition Coaches rely on science and technology to gain a clear picture of your body composition and resting metabolic rate to accurately inform a nutrition plan that is right for you.

Nutrition Coaches don’t “preach” but they keep you accountable

While a Nutrition Coach may have a vast amount of knowledge about healthy foods and daily habits, a coach will never force you to adhere to a strict plan. Instead, they help craft a nutrition plan that fits into your lifestyle – and help you stick to it. Having a source of accountability is one of the most important aspects of making lifestyle changes that last. A coach keeps you honest without reprimanding you if you fall off the wagon, and celebrates your achievements with you

Nutrition Coaches track progress & adjust accordingly

Tracking progress over time once a nutrition plan is put into place helps steer you in the right direction towards your goal. A Nutrition Coach uses the same reliable methods of body composition analysis to track and compare data each month to track progress towards your personal health goal. If progress is stalled, a coach knows how to pivot and adjust a nutrition plan moving forward.

Most importantly, a Nutrition Coach is on your team. They serve as an integral part of your health journey by remaining as committed to your goals as you are.

Learn more about Nutrition Coaching and get started by calling a Composition ID location near you.

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