Dexa Scan

Discover How Dexa Scan Testing Can Help You

A DEXA Scan (DXA) accurately measures body fat, lean mass and bone density so you can better understand your unique body composition. Understanding your body composition helps you work smarter towards your health goals.

Optimize Your Health & Fitness Plan To Meet Your Body’s Needs

Discover Your Body Composition

We are made of more than just “weight.” Learn how much lean muscle mass and body fat your body has with a DEXA Scan.

Define Your Health & Fitness Goals

Use DEXA Scan data to create a personalized approach to your health goals, whether it is losing fat, gaining muscle, or both.

Track Progress & See Results

Quit the guess-work. Know exactly what is or isn’t working with your nutrition and fitness plan by tracking your body composition over time.



It is the Most Accurate

Most traditional body composition tests like hydrostatic weighing (underwater weighing), BodPod or electrostatic testing can have error rates of up to 5-15%. With only a 1-2% error rate, a DEXA Scan is the industry’s most precise and reliable way to measure body composition, and one of the most accurate methods to measure bone density.


It is the Most Intelligent

A DEXA Scan is the only method available that distinguishes between body fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content so you have the most comprehensive view of your body composition. DEXA also compares your bone density to age-specific population data. Should you break a bone, a DEXA scan can measure muscle imbalances regionally and track progress over time in regaining strength.


It is the Most Detailed

DEXA is more than a body fat scale. A DEXA Scan provides an in-depth breakdown of your body fat soft tissue, bone loss and lean mass across all 5 regions of the body: arms, legs, trunk, android (belly) and gynoid (hips), so you can accurately track your progress and results. A DEXA Scan can also measure visceral fat, or the amount of fat found among internal organs that if high, can contribute to chronic disease.


It is the Least Invasive

There is no need to fast, limit caffeine or eliminate water from your body before a DEXA Scan in order to get accurate results. A scan is simple, fast and non-invasive: simply relax on a comfortable bed and wait as a arm passes over the body. In under 10 minutes, you will receive a full report of your body composition, visceral fat and bone mineral content.


It is the Most Preventive

A DEXA Scan provides a total body bone density analysis so you can discover your general bone health, and if you are at risk for osteopenia or osteoporosis. It is also the only combined body composition testing method that measures Visceral Adipose Tissue, which is the type of fat that may increase risk of chronic health conditions.

Experience the future of precision fitness

Reach Your Goals with Total Body Knowledge.

You are more than just one number. Ditch the scale and get to know your unique body composition with gold-standard DXA technology. A quick, non-invasive in-office DEXA Scan provides detailed, regional data on exactly what you are truly made of to help you establish health goals specific to you. And we are here to help you each step of the way. Schedule an appointment with our experts to establish a plan to reach your goals with DEXA Scanning, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, Nutrition Coaching, VO2 Max testing and Blood Chemistry Analysis.