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Bod Pod vs Dexa : The Ultimate Body Fat Testing Showdown

Body composition testing is becoming increasingly popular, especially with advances in science and technology. These tests are quick to perform and can provide in-depth results…

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What are Micronutrients? – A Breakdown of the Essentials

What are Micronutrients? They are called micronutrients because they are needed only in minimum amounts. These substances are the “magic ” that enables the body…

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Composition ID in Houston
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Where Can I Get a DEXA Scan in Houston, TX

More and more information is being discovered about the human body, and the importance of taking proper care of your body is becoming more widely…

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Proteins, Carbs, & Fats: How They Affect Your Performance

Carbohydrates We decided to start the macros with our favorite – Carbohydrates! It is seriously the tastiest macronutrient that can be misunderstood in many ways.…

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What Are Macronutrients & Micronutrients

What Are Macronutrients & Micronutrients It is very important how we consume calories and to understand what benefit we are getting from them on a…

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sleep effects on body composition
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What You Should Know about How Sleep Affects Body Composition

What You Should Know about How Sleep Affects Body Composition Adequate sleep is emphasized starting when you are just a kid, but getting enough sleep…

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holiday weight gain
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Holiday Weight Gain – 4 Tips for Enjoying Your Holiday Treats

Believe it or not, the holidays are once again upon us. And that means endless social gatherings with family and friends to exchange gifts and…

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metabolic testing for weightloss goals
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Metabolic Testing for Weight Loss Goals

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know how difficult it can be. If it’s important to you to achieve this goal, you’ll want…

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fad diets
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Whole 30 Challenge: Reset Your Tastes, Reshape Your Life

In preparation for the launch of Composition ID’s revamped nutrition program we decided to host a mid-summer Whole30 challenge! For those of you who don’t…

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not losing weight
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5 Reasons That You’re Not Losing Weight

Have you ever put in weeks of hard work, sticking closely to a new diet and busting your ass in the gym, only to find…

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Why You Need A Nutrition Coach

Bacon, eggs, and side of toast. A classic American breakfast, and with only a few simple twists it can be a healthy start to your…

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What is a DEXA Scan?: A New Way to Track Fat

What is a Dexa Scan? By many in the industry, a Dexa scan is considered the gold standard of lean to fat mass composition measurements.…

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Seeking Nutrition Coaching Beta Group!

You’re interested in DEXA scanning and learning what your true body composition really is….but aren’t really sure where to go with all of that information once you get it. Or,  you’ve gotten a DEXA scan before, tried to set some goals, but didn’t quite know which direction to take to lose that belly fat you’ve been looking to get rid of for the last year. 

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Avoid Falling Back

Although we still have some time before the clocks need to roll backwards to account for the change in day/night cycles, the weather has already shown signs of easing up … and so too could your workout and diet routine.

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Dealing With Injury

Any well designed program should do everything possible to reduce the risk of injury and even prevent future injuries. But try as we coaches might, occasionally injuries happen. Often times they result from something we do outside the gym, maybe a prior history compounded with a few other factors, or any other number of things. I get enough questions about how to deal with bumps and bruises that I thought it may be helpful to put a few of the more common answers to paper, so here are a few quick guidelines and suggestions on how to deal with pain while training.

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