VO2 Max

How to Know if You’re Overtraining

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Can you work out too much? We tend to think more is better when setting fitness goals. Log more hours at the gym, schedule two-a-days, burn an extreme number of calories. While working harder may make sense logically to see results, there’s a danger that comes with consistently overworking muscles to the point of exhaustion.…

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What does Consumer Genetic Testing Say about Fitness and Trainability?

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In our ever-evolving age of information, the promise of using DNA to answer many of our health questions incredibly intriguing. If we know which genes we have, and which genes we don’t have, we can know more about how to plan for the future. But is the science really there yet? Heather Huntsman, Ph.D. CSCS,…

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VO2 Max Testing in Houston

Client Perspective: I Tried to Improve my VO2 Max and it Didn’t Go Well

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Ryan Pfister, a CompositionID client in Washington, DC, documents his journey with VO2 max testing. This post was originally published on Ryan’s Medium page. Thanks for letting us showcase your journey, Ryan!  I’ve been trying several different fitness experiences over the past couple of years. Most recently, I had success using weight lifting and fasting to lose fat…

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3 Rules For The Best Workout You’ve Ever Had

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No matter what it is that you love to do – do it harder then you have done before. Look to make progress in some way during this “finish”. Maybe you go heavier, do more repetitions, or travel a particular distance in less time. The specifics of your challenge need not be complex. In fact, you’ll benefit most when they are personal, attainable, and beneficial to your long term goal.

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Why Strong?

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Strength is a word that holds a myriad of meanings, all of which depend upon what circle of individuals you find yourself standing among. For some, strength means a fistful of chalk and the sensation that accompanies pounds of iron bending within your grasp. Others may find similar awareness after the completion of a long workout or even just a long day.

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Cross-Training on Different Terrain

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Running alone is a challenge but adding different terrain can make it even more of a challenge and rewarding at the same time. The surface you train on can make a huge difference in both your physical endurance and your overall running performance. So what’s best for you? The real answer is switching it up and training on different terrain to help build endurance, gain speed, and allow your muscles to recover properly. Below I’ve provided some on my pro’s and con’s to the different terrain runners can use to train on.  

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Tips for Running in the Snow

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It’s that time of the year, cold and snowy conditions hitting many parts of the United States. As conditions start to get colder and snowy it’s super important to start thinking about how you can run safely outside and avoid the treadmill as much as possible. Below I’ve provided you guys with some helpful tips for running outside in snowy/icy conditions to help keep you safe through this Winter’s wintry mix.

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