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We provide science based knowledge about your body that will empower you to take control of your health and fitness

A dexa scan can accurately measure your lean mass, fat mass, bone density, and even visceral adipose tissue so that you can set specific body composition goals and track progress over time.

Measure your cardio fitness level so you can create a custom workout plan and exercise more efficiently.

Find out how many calories you burn at rest so you can create an effective nutrition plan to help you gain, maintain, or lose weight.

Work with our certified nutrition coaching experts to create a customized nutrition plan for you and your goals.

Our blood testing analysis services help analyze essential biomarkers to optimize your health and performance.

Know Where You're Starting to Know Where You're Going

Determine your baseline and gain an understanding of your current health, fitness, and risk factors.

Set Personalized Goals You Can Reach

With new information from our detailed analysis, we help set goals and create a personalized plan you can trust.

Simple Changes Equals Faster Results

Eliminate the guesswork and validate your exercise and/or nutrition program to ensure you’re on the right track.

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