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The Comp ID Difference

Science-Based Technology

We use proven techniques to give you the clarity and understanding of your body composition and metabolic health.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

We pair you with a personal coach who understands how to create a nutrition plan that is right for you.

360º Support

We provide access to comprehensive and real-time support you need to track your progress and reach your optimal health.

Our Awesome Clients Love Us

The WA DC location of Composition ID is professional and gives an easy to understand interpretation of DEXA scan results. I was scanned one year apart and the tips that were given to me about gaining muscle after my initial scan were really helpful. A year later I gained 11 pounds of lean mass and reduced my body fat by about 1%.

Great experience with the crew. I went in because I wanted to get a baseline of where I currently am. Chu was very helpful in getting me penciled in and was quick to respond to my texts/calls. Once at the office Brandon was great in getting me set up and explaining to me the process of the exams and also the results. Can’t wait to go back !
I worked with Audrey and my experience was terrific! I was able to gain valuable information about the baseline my body was currently at so I could develop a plan to make targeted changes and goals. The communication was excellent, the testing was efficient, Audrey was SUPER kind. As a registered dietitian, I value knowing where my body stands through accurate and appropriate testing. If you are looking for ways to start being able to ID where efforts need to be put to make changes, this spot is a great way to do that!

Why A Dexa Scan?

More accurate than any test commercially available

Distinguishes body fat, lean mass & bone mineral content

Measures body composition across 5 regions of the body

Non-invasive, simple, and no preparation required

Why An RMR?

Accurately measure your baseline metabolic rate

Discover your metabolic spectrum

Use personalized data to reach your goals

Maintain your optimal weight with daily calorie intake levels

Why A VO2 Max?

Boost aerobic efficiency to redefine fitness goals

Create custom training zones for optimal performance

Reach new thresholds to produce more energy

Understand your exact fitness level with data

Nutrition ID

A Personalized Approach to Nutrition Coaching

Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, our coaches will consider your unique identity: what makes you, you. Your coach will shape your 3-month program around your goals, your lifestyle and eating habits, your preferences, your body composition, and your metabolism.

Nutrition ID



A Plan You Can Follow

Confronting Challenges

Not Sure Where To Start?

Are you not sure on where to start? Let us help you start your journey. Contact our office directly and speak with one of our specialists today!