Composition ID Founder, Tiffany Harlan, speaks with Mycal Anders on Fighting Diet Culture

Shannon Miller

November 2, 2023

Composition ID founder and CEO, Tiffany Harlan, sat down with Mycal Anders of Next Level Performance Consulting to dig into how Composition ID got started, the fallbacks of diet culture, and Tiffany’s personal journey towards optimal performance and ultimately, her healthiest self.

Tiffany started the concept for Composition ID in 2014 when she worked with a physician group that offered DEXA scanning to patients. She realized the impactful application DEXA scanning could have on her personal training clients at the gym. She partnered with her colleagues to offer this technology to the every-day gym-goer to help them track their progress and gain a better understanding of their overall health. Needless to say, it caught on, and she opened her own business to focus on bringing inaccessible technology to the public.

Mycal and Tiffany discuss why we are so “married” to the scale and how this can lead to a downfall of progress, using data as a tool to reach your goals, finding resources that can best support your journey and finding a sustainable approach to long-term success.


You can find Mycal Anders on Instagram at @coachderz or Facebook at Next Level Performance Consulting.

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