Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting Metabolic Rate: Accuracy Brings Results

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Let’s face it, whether it’s losing fat or gaining muscle, your body composition goals are personal. Since every body is different, everybody’s approach to achieving a goal is unique. The most important piece of knowledge required to drive results through nutrition is a clear understanding of your unique metabolism. Knowing how efficiently your body uses…

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Lessons From “The Biggest Loser” Fallout

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A few days ago the NY Times posted an article about the popular weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser” and how some of its former contestants had fared in the months and years after participating. As it turns out… they hadn’t done well. Just about all of the contestants had gained the weight back and were as unhealthy as ever. I’ve long thought “The Biggest Loser” to be an absolute mockery of health and wellness so I can’t say the findings were especially surprising, but I’ve had more than a few clients and gym goers bring it up so I thought it would serve as a launching point for further discussion.

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