Not So Risky Business: Your DEXA Radiation Questions Answered

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It’s considered best practice to assess benefits and risks before taking part in any medical procedure. After discovering DXA technology, clients commonly become curious about any risks involved. “Am I being exposed to a harmful level of radiation during a DEXA scan?” It’s a smart and valid question, and the short answer is: not much,…

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The True Value of a DEXA Scan

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If you ask most people what they value most in life, often times the answer is their health. A healthy body (and mind) usually means the ability to remain active, the freedom from chronic disease and overspending on medications, energy to work in a fulfilling career, and more time spent with loved ones. Staying healthy…

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Comparing Body Composition Reports: DEXA versus 3D Scan

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When considering measuring and tracking body composition data to achieve health goals, it’s important to understand not only what each testing method entails, but what data is actually produced from a report. Lizeth, a client from Composition ID in Washington, DC, ran an experiment to compare a Styku 3D scanner report and a DEXA report…

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VO2 Max Testing in Houston

Client Perspective: I Tried to Improve my VO2 Max and it Didn’t Go Well

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Ryan Pfister, a CompositionID client in Washington, DC, documents his journey with VO2 max testing. This post was originally published on Ryan’s Medium page. Thanks for letting us showcase your journey, Ryan!  I’ve been trying several different fitness experiences over the past couple of years. Most recently, I had success using weight lifting and fasting to lose fat…

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The Benefits of Online Nutrition Coaching

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It can be hard to craft a plan that aligns with your goals when there are seemingly endless unproven trends in health that promise short-term results and/or long-term benefits. The best option is to seek a professional to design a customized strategy and keep you consistently accountable using a personalized, data-driven approach. Seem far-fetched? Technology…

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The DEXA Difference

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When it comes to body composition, you want to know the truth. Several testing procedures have been developed to provide body composition information, but not all methods are created equally. You work hard in the gym and are consistent with nutrition for a primary outcome: results. For most, tracking results usually means weighing in on…

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Top 10 Trends in Health & Fitness for 2019

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A new year means new trends in health, fitness and wellness. We surveyed several leading health giants to find 10 of the most notable trends to look out for this year. Wearable Technology According to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), wearable technology will be the top trend in fitness this…

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Client Perspective: 2018 Fall Nutrition Challenge

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Emily, a 2018 Fall Nutrition Challenge winner, documents her journey and incredible results from six weeks of hard work in fitness and nutrition. She gained 6.7 pounds of muscle and lost 3.9% body fat – and transformed her mindset around health. When a friend of mine, who is very dedicated to her fitness and health…

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5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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While the holidays are filled with fun times with loved ones, it’s hard not to fall off a nutrition or exercise plan you’ve worked so hard to follow all year. Don’t fret: you’re just a few tips away from staying fit, even while surrounded by cookies and eggnog. Don’t be a Taste-tester Everyone has their…

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Client Perspective: What I learned in 6 Minutes from a DEXA Scan

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Chris Vrooman, Arlington, VA client, discusses his learnings from a single CompID scan using DEXA technology. Read on to dive deeper into his perspective and how his ketogenic lifestyle translates into data. This article was adapted from Chris’ blog Road to Keto. 6 minutes… That’s the amount of time it takes to get your real…

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Hydration Increases Lean Mass: Or does it?

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If you’ve taken a CompID Scan with DEXA technology before, you know there’s no need to abide by any specific fasting or hydration conditions prior to a scan. But there’s a rumor going around. It has been found that being overly hydrated drives up lean mass data on scans, leaving many with a false assumption…

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Client Perspective: 10 Fitness Lessons from 10 DEXA Body Scans

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Ryan Pfister, a CompositionID client in Washington, DC, documented his body composition journey from May 2017 to October 2018. Follow along to see his transformation and find out what he learned while tracking his progress with 10 DEXA scans. This post was originally published on Ryan’s Medium page. Thanks for letting us showcase your journey,…

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Does Cryotherapy Increase Metabolism? We Put it to the Test

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On a steamy summer morning, our team in Washington, DC, did something cool – literally. Curious how Cryotherapy would affect our Resting Metabolic Rates, we channeled our inner-nerds and proposed a hypothesis, created an experiment, tested our theory, and analyzed results. Read on to see what we discovered.  What is Cryotherapy? There’s a new trend…

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The Keto Kraze: Is a High Fat, Low Carb Diet Right for You?

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Whole30, Paleo, Atkins, DASH, Flexitarian. Each year a new diet plan goes viral, promising improved health, weight loss, and longevity. Some plans like Whole30 and Paleo rely on evidence from human ancestral digestive and lifestyle roots to optimize nutritional health. Others reduce macronutrient groups drastically in an effort to recondition the metabolism to burn energy…

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Dexa Scan in Houston Texas 2

Bod Pod vs Dexa : The Ultimate Body Fat Testing Showdown

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Body composition testing is increasing in popularity with advances in science and technology. These tests are quick to perform and can provide in-depth results about muscle mass, body fat mass, body fat percentage, bone density, and more. There are a number of different testing methods that are used to determine body composition, including using calipers,…

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