VO2 Max


Exercise smarter, not harder.

At Composition ID, Houston, we use VO2 Max testing to measure and track your cardiovascular fitness so you know at what level you need to train in order to meet your fitness goals.

Total Body Knowledge

VO2 Max testing analyzes aerobic, lactate and anaerobic threshold zones to provide an accurate measure of your cardiovascular fitness level.

Why Test Your VO2 Max?

Knowing your VO2 Max gives you insight into your heart rate training zones so you can tailor your workout regimen to your specific goals and outcomes.

Use VO2 Max to create your own personalized training zones so you can get the most out of your training, weight loss program or any other fitness goal you’ve set for yourself.

Learn how to most effectively increase your VO2 aerobic capacity so you can outlast your competition and redefine your personal fitness goals.

Find out your aerobic, lactate and anaerobic threshold zones so you can improve your body composition, produce more energy and exercise at a higher intensity.