Resting Metabolic Rate Test

in Houston

Your Resting Metabolic Rate test will determine the amount of energy (calories) your body burns at rest. This information is helpful in determining the amount of calories you should consume for gaining weight, maintaining weight, weight loss and what you should not go under for optimal metabolic health.

Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis in Houston

Our Resting Metabolic Rate testing lets you better understand your energy expenditure at rest.

RMR - Resting Metabolic Rate Testing in Houston 2
What is RMR?

RMR stands for Resting Metabolic Rate, a measurement of the energy required to sustain life without any activity (a.k.a. resting). Your RMR should be about 70 percent of your actual metabolic rate.

We use this number as the base calculation for determining your actual metabolic rate using a combination of height, weight, age, muscle mass, and other factors.

How Do We Find Your RMR?

To get your RMR, we do a 10-minute rested breath test. This test is simple, non-invasive, and really easy. The test determines your RMR by calculating how many calories your body burns when you’re doing absolutely nothing.

Why Know Your RMR?

Your RMR can tell you a lot about what nutrition or fitness plan will be best for your goals. Have you ever wondered exactly how many calories you should eat or burn each day? Your RMR will answer that question.

Once you know your RMR, here are all the health-boosting benefits Composition ID Houston can offer you:

  • Determine your caloric zones based on your goals–weight loss, weight gain or maintenance
  • Review your metabolism and look at how your nutrition or fitness program has impacted it
  • Compare your metabolism to others your same age, sex, height and weight
RMR - Resting Metabolic Rate Testing in Houston
With a resting metabolic rate test, you will learn:


The number of calories your body burns at rest.


How many calories you should consume for maintaining weight, weight loss and medically supervised zones.

Goals Reached

How long it would take you to reach your goal weight when following your custom caloric intake zone.


Where your metabolism lies on a spectrum of slow, normal and fast.


How your metabolism compares to others of your same sex, age, height and weight.

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