A Resting Metabolic rate test gives you the data you need to get to where you want to be.

At Composition ID, Houston, we use RMR testing to find out how many calories (energy) your body burns each day at rest. From there, we determine how many calories you need to consume to gain, maintain, or lose weight so you are consistently at your optimal metabolic health.

Total Body Knowledge

Your body is constantly burning calories to function, whether you’re aware of it or not. Knowing your unique metabolism provides crucial information about how to design your nutrition plan. 

We measure RMR with a simple, non-invasive test administered through a breathing machine that estimates the amount of calories your body burns throughout a 24 hour period outside of any physical activity.

Why Get an RMR Test?

Quit the guessing game. Stop using generic calculations and find out how many calories your body burns while at rest so you know how to reach your goals. 

An RMR test gives you concrete data to help you understand where your metabolism lies on a spectrum of slow, normal and fast.

Knowing your RMR gives you the confidence of knowing how many calories you should consume to lose or maintain weight.

From there, you can set a goal and use your personalized data to know exactly how long it should take you to reach it based on your calorie intake, and track progress over time.

Schedule an RMR test to: 

  • Discover Your Metabolic Rate
  • Take Back Control of Your Weight
  • Reach Your Optimal Health
  • Find Out How Much You Burn At Rest