Composition ID in Houston

In Houston we provide science based knowledge about your body that will empower you to take control of your health and fitness

Dexa scans  provide an accurate measurement of lean mass, fat mass, bone density, and even visceral adipose tissue so you can set specific body composition goals

VO2 max testing measures your cardio fitness level so you can create a custom workout plans and exercise at a level that is more custom to your body

Find out how many calories your body is burning at rest so you can create an customized and effective nutrition plan to help you gain, maintain, or lose weight

Work with our certified nutrition coaching experts to create a customized nutrition plan for you and your health and wellness goals

We are Houston’s first mobile screening lab and offer the most accurate, accessible and affordable health and body data.

Composition ID in Houston

In Houston, our gold-standard composition analysis, nutrition coaching, and oxygen consumption testing help you to better understand your nutritional and exercise needs. Take these insights to help accomplish your health, wellness, and fitness goals!

Houston is host to a thriving fitness and health-conscious community.  In most areas, you’ll find focused individuals dedicated to improving and reaching new goals. Whether you’re hiking the Buffalo Bayou Trail, biking across Market Square Park, or taking an outdoor yoga class at Discovery Green, fitness and wellbeing is your priority, and it shows.

We’re all athletes in our own realms – powerlifter, figure competitor, marathoner, and swimmer. We’ve all realized that regardless of what your fitness/health goals are…you’re much better off if you know where you are.

If you don’t know what’s happening beneath the surface of your skin, you simply can’t achieve your highest goals for optimal health. That’s where Composition ID in Houston’s premier provider of body composition scans, metabolic testing, nutrition coaching, and VO2 max testing.

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