Seeking Nutrition Coaching Beta Group!


September 15, 2016

You’re interested in DEXA scanning and learning what your true body composition really is….but aren’t really sure where to go with all of that information once you get it. Or,  you’ve gotten a DEXA scan before, tried to set some goals, but didn’t quite know which direction to take to lose that belly fat you’ve been looking to get rid of for the last year. 

We’ve seen lots of clients in the same boat, so to bridge that gap, we’ve decided to create our own comprehensive nutrition coaching program that pairs our data-driven body composition testing with a variety of results-driven nutrition coaching techniques…to help you finally achieve those goals that you’ve set out to accomplish!  

Here’s what it looks like…

$599 for 8 weeks of one-on-one coaching that includes:

  • Baseline DEXA scan, Resting Metabolic Rate test, nutrition consultation, body circumference measurements and  “before” photos

  • Weekly phone check-in with your coach

  • Unlimited email/phone/text access to coach

  • Midpoint DEXA scan and in-person nutrition check-in with coach

  • Final results via DEXA, body circumference measurements, and “after” photos

    Anticipated start date is September 26th

Since this first go-round is our beta group, we’re limiting registration to 12 participants and offering the $599 promotional rate for only our first group. The value of the testing that you’ll receive alone is $585, so this is really a great deal!   

If you’re ready to commit to a customized nutrition approach, and let us track your progress along the way, then shoot Tiffany an email asap! 

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