June 18, 2020

Shannon Miller

Client Perspective: How Nutrition Fueled My Results under “Lockdown”

Composition ID Arlington client, Lauren, navigated quarantine by relying on what she found to be the key aspect of her body composition journey: nutrition. Read more about how she overcame challenges, developed healthy habits to support her body composition goals, and leaned on personalized nutrition coaching for continued success.

1. What has been your experience with your body composition journey during quarantine?

Sticking to a nutrition and fitness routine (especially nutrition) is key, but on the days that I had a hiccup, I made sure to be kind to myself.

2. What has helped you keep a focus on nutrition and fitness?  

My Composition ID coach and I set a realistic goal of losing 5% body fat, and I wanted to accomplish that goal. The positive body changes I was seeing from my hard work kept me motivated to keep on top of my macronutrients and workout routine.

3. How have you remained accountable to your plan?  

Making sure I hit my macronutrients (+/- a target range) every day and alternated between cardio and strength workouts.

4. What has been the most challenging part of the last few months?  

The most challenging part of my body composition journey was figuring out what meals to make in a given day to ensure I was meeting my macronutrients. Once I figured that out (along with meal prepping), I wasn’t so overwhelmed. For the “big three:” my breakfasts are protein overnight oats topped with frozen berries and a side of spinach or broccoli, and lunches and dinners are built around Whole30 co-founder Melissa Urban’s “ground meat with stuff over stuff” template. This made food decisions easier for me, and if my “sugar dragon” made an appearance and I acquiesced, I was able to jump back into my eating routine the very next day without feeling guilty.

5. What have you learned about yourself and your body composition journey during quarantine?  

Pandemic or not, my body responded really well to the nutrition advice provided to me by my Composition ID coach. I thought I was eating relatively healthy, and I definitely had a pretty solid workout routine. But it wasn’t until I incorporated my coach’s nutrition advice that I started to really see the positive body changes. It definitely underscores the importance that nutrition plays in healthy fat loss.

6. What advice would you give to others struggling with their nutrition and fitness during quarantine?  

For nutrition, I am a huge proponent of meal planning and prepping. It helps avoid last-minute, potentially unhealthy decisions about what to eat when you are too tired to cook.

For fitness, if you lack motivation or energy, go for a walk around your neighborhood. It starts a routine that you can add to bit by bit, and you’ll also feel great afterward!

7. How will you take what you have learned or the habits you’ve developed back into “real life” as restrictions continue to lift?  

I will definitely continue to hit my macronutrients (+/- a target range) everyday – my body continues to respond positively to them!

8. How beneficial have DEXA scans and RMR been as a tool in your fitness and nutrition plan?

Both the DEXA scans and RMR have been extremely beneficial, data driven tools in my body composition journey. They have helped me understand what body goals are realistic and achievable.



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