Nutrition Coaching

Much More Than Just Another Diet

Nutrition Coaching Designed for You

With an abundance of health and fitness information available, it can be hard to determine the best plan to reach your goals. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, our coaches will consider your unique identity–what makes you, you. Your coach will shape your 3-month program around your goals, your lifestyle and eating habits, your preferences, your body composition, and your metabolism.
Over the course of 12 weeks, your nutrition coach will not only help you sort through fact and fiction, but they will provide accountability and guidance to help you navigate the challenges that come up along the way.

What You Will Get From This Program

Personalized Data

Using the most advanced methods available, we will measure your body composition and metabolism to customize the most personalized approach to match your goals and your preferences.


Your nutrition coaching plan will not restrict any of your favorite foods! It’s our belief that the best diet approach is one that you can stick to, so we’ll be sure to include your favorites as part of the plan.


Our nutrition coaches are experts in nutrition, and their goal is to make you an expert, too (at least when it comes to you!). Our program will equip you with the tools to not only reach your goals but to maintain a healthy body composition for the rest of your life.


Weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach will keep you on the right track, and monthly DEXAs will ensure that what you’re doing is working.


Join the CompID Nutrition community! Your monthly membership will connect you with other dedicated CompID nutrition members. Ask questions, share recipes, and encourage each other along the way.


Not sure if what you’re doing is working? With monthly DEXA scans, there will be no more guessing! Your nutrition coach will analyze your monthly progress and tweak variables if necessary to ensure that your goals are met. Once you meet your goals, we’ll set new ones! Our hope is that you continue to get awesome results with our program.

Whatever Your Nutrition Goals Are, We Can Help!

Lose fat

Gain and maintain lean muscle

Better understand your metabolism

Improve Athletic Performance

Increase Energy & Focus

Improve Body Image

Improve Eating Habits

Improve Your Relationship with Food

Set goals and reach them!

Program Overview

Getting Started

Phone consultation and complete health, fitness and lifestyle questionnaire

Baseline Tests

In office meeting with your coach and complete baseline DEXA and RMR tests

Week 4

In office check-in with your coach + DEXA scan to assess progress

Week 8

In office check-in with your coach + DEXA scan to assess progress

Week 12

In office check-in with your coach + DEXA scan + RMR test to assess progress and retest metabolic rate

Finish Line!

Reach your goal! Or on going support as needed.

After your initial 3 month program, you may advance to our Alumni membership and continue with monthly check-ins and testing, share your experience with others in the program, and spread the nutrition knowledge via our private FB community!