VO2 Max Testing

in Washington D.C. - Shaw

We’ve done research around the Washington D.C. area, and understand VO2 Max Testing is normally costly and can only be found at specific locations. However, testing your VO2 max test is perfect for the increasing health and wellness community in Washington D.C.!
VO2 max, or maximal oxygen consumption, is the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can utilize during intense or maximal aerobic capacity exercise. Perfect for people who are sports and fitness protocols.

VO2 Max Testing in Washington D.C. - Shaw

Our Washington D.C. based vo2 max testing analysis helps you understand your exercise capacity better.

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What’s VO2 Max?

VO2 Max measures the maximum volume of oxygen your body can use. It tells us about your cardio endurance and health.

You’ll run at different intensities and speeds while our testing equipment analyzes your breath. The machine will measure how much oxygen your body is using and at what rate it’s being consumed.

Why Get the VO2 Max Test?

Knowing your VO2 Max also gives you insight into your heart rate training zones for fat burning, anaerobic threshold, and anaerobic, so you can tailor your workout regimen to your very specific goals and outcomes.

If you know your VO2 Max, you’ll know exactly where your limits are, so you can train smarter. That means knowing the right workouts for your body and your goals, and when and how to really push yourself without fear of injury.

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With VO2 Max, you will learn:

Fitness Level

Your fitness level, how cardiovascularly fit your body is and how it compares to others your age.

Training Zones

Customized Heart Rate training zones for optimizing training programs or weight loss to suit your goals.


Aerobic, lactate and anaerobic threshold zones.


How to most effectively increase your VO2 aerobic capacity.

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