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We are DC's first mobile screening lab and offer the most accurate, accessible and affordable health and body data.

In addition to DEXA, we offer on-site Resting Metabolic Rate testing, nutrition workshops, basic blood chemistry analysis (cholesterol and glucose), blood pressure and postural analysis.

We value partnerships with local gyms, CrossFit facilities, Universities, sports teams, and corporations and can customize a wellness package that fits your needs.


Is there a specific period of time I have to book the ScanVan for?

We offer options of either a full day (8 hours) or half day (4 hours)

What does the ScanVan need to park at my facility?

Ideally, you’ll have a designated space for the ScanVan to park. Please let us know ahead of time if this isn’t a possibility (street parking, etc), so we can collaborate on a plan ahead of time. Also, if there is an outlet close to the parking spot, that is ideal…so please let us know if this can happen ahead of time!

How many scans can be done in an hour?

Each Scan takes approximately 7-10 minutes, so booking approximately 5-6 per hour is appropriate, to ensure all participants have time to have a full scan without being too rushed.

How can a gym help this process run smoothly?

We’ll send you consent and information forms before the event, so if you can have all of your athletes sign the consent form and wear the appropriate clothing (minimal base layer) prior to getting on the ScanVan, that’d help with efficiency! Also…the more you hype up the event yourself, the better the turnout, and the more athletes you can provide awesome services for!

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