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RMR Testing
Determine Your Daily Cal Burn

$99 and below
per visit

  • Accurate Cal Burn at Rest
  • Gain Control of Your Metabolism
  • Calculate Daily Burn
  • Detailed RMR Report & Analysis
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Dexa Scan
Understand Your Body Composition

$129 and below
per visit

  • Gold Standard in Body Fat Testing
  • Accurate Body Fat Percentage
  • Lean Tissue Analysis & Symmetry
  • Bone Report & Analysis
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VO2 Max Testing
Identify Your Heart Rate Zones

$149 and below
per visit

  • Maximum Heart Rate Analysis
  • Target Heart Rate Zones
  • Accurate Cal Burn in Each Zone
  • Detailed VO2 Max Report
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Nutrition Coaching
Identify & Plan Your Nutrition Goals

$169 and below
per visit

  • Certified Nutrition Coaching
  • Improve Your Overall Health
  • Improve You Eating Habits
  • Increase Energy & Focus
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