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How to Age Gracefully with a Healthy Body Composition

Getting older – it’s something most of us dread. It seems as our number in age creeps up, so do new aches, pains, and wrinkles.…

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Client Spotlight: Michelle, Houston, TX

At Composition ID, we take pride in helping our clients reach their goals. This week, we’re spotlighting our Houston client Michelle. She is a wife, a…

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What is a Nutrition Coach and Why do you Need One?

Most health goals, whether it be changing body composition, improving athletic performance, or increasing energy, are hugely reliant on feeding the body proper nutrients. But…

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Client Spotlight: Lezlie, Houston, TX

At Composition ID, we take pride in helping our clients reach their goals. We’d like to spotlight our client Lezlie: a wife, mother of 3,…

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How to Read DEXA Scan Results

What differentiates a DEXA scan from any other body composition test is the amount of specific and thorough data that is produced from a standard…

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Our Nutritionist’s Top 4 Tips for Dining Out in Houston

Nutrition plans and dining out don’t always coexist smoothly. But they can with a little bit of effort and planning. Kayla Newnam, Composition ID Houston’s…

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Where can I get a DEXA Scan in Washington, DC?

The DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area is home to some of the healthiest communities in the nation. The American College of Sports Medicine ranked Arlington, Virginia #1…

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Dietician Insights: The Good and Bad of “Fad Diets”

You are not alone in your frustration around competing nutritional information. We are bombarded daily with new studies, articles, testimonials and blogs related to new…

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Not So Risky Business: Your DEXA Radiation Questions Answered

It’s considered best practice to assess benefits and risks before taking part in any medical procedure. After discovering DXA technology, clients commonly become curious about…

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News Flash: You (Probably) Don’t Have a Slow Metabolism

“I can’t lose weight because I have a slow metabolism.” We hear it all the time, and for some, this is very true. However, for…

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The True Value of a DEXA Scan

If you ask most people what they value most in life, often times the answer is their health. A healthy body (and mind) usually means…

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Comparing Body Composition Reports: DEXA versus 3D Scan

When considering measuring and tracking body composition data to achieve health goals, it’s important to understand not only what each testing method entails, but what…

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VO2 Max Testing in Houston
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Client Perspective: I Tried to Improve my VO2 Max and it Didn’t Go Well

Ryan Pfister, a CompositionID client in Washington, DC, documents his journey with VO2 max testing. This post was originally published on Ryan’s Medium page. Thanks for letting…

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The Benefits of Online Nutrition Coaching

It can be hard to craft a plan that aligns with your goals when there are seemingly endless unproven trends in health that promise short-term…

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The DEXA Difference

When it comes to body composition, you want to know the truth. Several testing procedures have been developed to provide body composition information, but not…

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