ScanVan - How it works

Book the ScanVan for your gym - Get 10% cash back!

Let's run a Nutrition Challenge to start off 2017.

Book the ScanVan before the end of the year (could be booked for next year) and get:

  • Free scan for your coaches (depending on availability the days of the visits).
  • 10% cash back for the gym.
  • A nutrition talk from one of our professionals.


We offer two different plans:

1) Hold a challenge: 2 scans (before and after) for $99. Visits to be scheduled about 6 weeks apart. Minimum 15 members registered to hold a challenge.

2) Hourly Rate: $800 for half day (up to 20 scans) or $1,500 full day (up to 40 scans). With this plan you charge your clients/members what you want.


Next steps? 

1) Email Emilio at or call/text, (703) 822-1774.

2) Pick the dates that you want to schedule the ScanVan.

3) Promote to your members!


Not the decision maker?

Suggest it to your coaches and get your scans for free!


Interested in individual packages at our office? 

To book your test click here and use the following coupons:

For 25% off use:

For single services: FBHOLIDAY

For packages: FBHOLIDAY25


Happy Holidays!


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