What is DEXA (DXA)?

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA or DXA) uses a low-dose x-ray to measure fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content within the body.

DEXA provides significant advantages over traditional body comp methods including:

  • Most accurate method available, with an error rate of only 1-2%
  • Three component model that distinguishes between fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral content in the body
  • Provides regional analysis of your body including how much lean mass vs fat mass your arms, legs, trunk, android and gynoid regions are composed of
  • Compares left and right side analysis of lean and fat mass in the arms, legs and trunk regions to monitor for imbalances due to overuse or injury  
  • Includes total body bone density analysis to assess Osteoporosis risk
  • Does not require removal of clothing
  • Does not require dietary restrictions such as fasting or eliminating water or caffeine intake

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+ Do I need an appointment to get a DEXA scan?

Yes. Please make your appointment in advance. We can serve walk-ups at our Shaw location if there is room in the schedule, but our appointments receive first priority.

+ How long does a DEXA scan take?

On average, your appointment will take around 20 minutes. The scan itself will take approximately 6-10 minutes, then you’ll get your results right after your scan and briefly discuss results with a body composition analyst.

+ How often should I get a DEXA scan?

When you are entering into a new fitness or nutrition program that's a drastic change from what you've previously been doing, it can be extremely beneficial to rescan around 30 days after your baseline (first scan). Measuring the impact of well controlled nutrition and training allows you to determine if the changes are producing the desired results. If you're making smaller tweaks to your fitness and nutrition, stop in for a scan every 6-8 weeks to make sure you're achieving your personal goals.

+ Will working out have an impact on my DEXA scan results?

Not much, if any. The accuracy of other methods of body fat testing, such as bioelectrical impedance, would be impacted by this, but the accuracy of the DEXA scanner will have minimal effect (if any). For best results, you should try to scan under similar circumstances each time.

+ How should I prepare for my DEXA scan?

There are no special preparations required before your scan. You can wear any type of clothing, although the less metal the better! For best accuracy, you'll want to do the scan under the same circumstances each time including type of clothing worn and food/water intake beforehand.

+ Can I use my HSA/FSA account for my DEXA scan?

Yes, we take HSA/FSA cards. You will receive a receipt for your service that can be submitted to your insurance agency. We do not deal with insurance directly and we advise that you double check that they do in fact reimburse for your service of choice before booking an appointment.