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Macros and Weight Loss

If you’re even remotely close to the fitness industry, or someone in it, you’ve heard of the concept of “if it fits your macros.” For some, it’s a way of life. For others, even the thought of keeping detailed notes on exactly what and how much they consume is their worst nightmare. So, I wanted to do a little breakdown and analysis of some benefits of macro counting, and maybe you can let you decide for yourself whether you could pull enough benefit out of the experience to give it a go. 

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Why… Why… Why… And why AGAIN?!

We all know some days are just a COMPLETE struggle— I’m just going to keep it real. Maybe you feel like pulling your hair out in the office one morning, maybe you are dreading your daily workout or maybe getting out of bed is a compete challenge for you some days.

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4 Not-As-Common Exercises That Can Pay Off

There’s a nearly endless variety of different exercises that you can use in the weight room, and with so many options to choose from it’s a virtual certainty that some won’t get the attention they deserve. I’ve chosen to highlight the following four exercises because I think that they tend to be under-utilized by most gym goers, but this isn’t to say that any of them are some sort of magic bullet. Not to dash anybody’s hopes right from the start, but there is no such bullet.

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Why Strong?

Strength is a word that holds a myriad of meanings, all of which depend upon what circle of individuals you find yourself standing among. For some, strength means a fistful of chalk and the sensation that accompanies pounds of iron bending within your grasp. Others may find similar awareness after the completion of a long workout or even just a long day.

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The Perfect Exercise Program

As a personal trainer, I am often asked fitness questions by people I meet at parties or in normal daily encounters. I hear things like: “What is the best workout?”  “Is running good for you or is swimming better?” “Which group exercise class is the best?” “What about squats, are they good to do?” I barely know the person; we may have just met that evening, or five minutes before. They want a one word answer; one simple answer to solve their fitness-related problems.

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Sugars, Demystified: What to Eat, and Why

When you look at a nutrition facts panel, there is one devilish line that seems simple, but causes stress and anxiety for millions of Americans: Sugar.

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3 Weight Training Protocols for improved Body Composition

Training with heavy weights is an essential part of any program designed to improve body composition. Short of diet, it’s the most important part of any such program… more so than running or any other aerobic ‘fat burning’ style of working out. Far too often weightlifting is overlooked as a way to lose weight because it’s associated with gaining weight, but the truth is those two things actually go hand-in-hand. If you’re interested in dropping body fat, a big part of the solution is almost certainly to add lean muscle mass to your frame. And while this may sound off-putting to anybody that uses a bathroom scale to gauge the success of a body composition program, adding muscle mass and adding mass are not the same thing. 

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Cross-Training on Different Terrain

Running alone is a challenge but adding different terrain can make it even more of a challenge and rewarding at the same time. The surface you train on can make a huge difference in both your physical endurance and your overall running performance. So what’s best for you? The real answer is switching it up and training on different terrain to help build endurance, gain speed, and allow your muscles to recover properly. Below I’ve provided some on my pro’s and con’s to the different terrain runners can use to train on.  

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Permanent Progress – 3 Strategies for a Successful Weight Loss Program

Much like stepping through a threshold into a House of Mirrors at a carnival, a weight loss program can be intimidating to anyone. With no real sense of direction and the constant presence of your reflection all around you it is no wonder why so many people avoid them at all costs.

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What’s the Best Protein Powder For Me?

I advocate for real foods whenever possible. But…we all know that’s not always possible.

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Tips for Running in the Snow

It’s that time of the year, cold and snowy conditions hitting many parts of the United States. As conditions start to get colder and snowy it’s super important to start thinking about how you can run safely outside and avoid the treadmill as much as possible. Below I’ve provided you guys with some helpful tips for running outside in snowy/icy conditions to help keep you safe through this Winter’s wintry mix.

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