April 11, 2016


Why… Why… Why… And why AGAIN?!

We all know some days are just a COMPLETE struggle— I’m just going to keep it real. Maybe you feel like pulling your hair out in the office one morning, maybe you are dreading your daily workout or maybe getting out of bed is a compete challenge for you some days.

NOW, I need you all to get out a pen and paper for this one. YES I’m being serious. I want you to ask yourself “why”?!

  • Why are you committing to a specific workout program?
  • Why are you building this dream business?
  • Why are you working towards that goal?
  • Why are you… Blah blah blah?!

Write these answers down. Keep it in your wallet, hang it next to your bathroom mirror or do whatever you need to do to get this imbedded into your brain!

If you can learn to create a habit of asking yourself “why” each day and have a powerful reason behind it, then THIS is what gives you motivation behind EVERY action.

Some days you may have to revisit your “why” multiple times and some days you may not even have to really think about it but our daily habits are what make us and our day to day actions is what creates our reality.

Yes we all have those down moments but creating power behind EVERYTHING will decrease those moments when you are knocked down. This is something that needs to be practiced day in and day out.

Here are some tips when creating your solid reasoning behind your “why”:

  1. Use positive verbiage. Write with words that feel good, that motivate you and that lift you up.
  2. Don’t focus on what others are doing. You should focus on watering your own grass— plain and simple.
  3. Get out of your own way. This concept might be one of our biggest struggles as humans. We are our own worst enemy and are the ONLY ones to build up those thick walls inside our minds.
  4. Create emotion. Create something so meaningful that it sets your heart on fire, makes your insides jump and brings you into a complete state of euphoria.
  5. Love yourself. Just remember to love yourself in everything that you do.

Those days that you feel you are being rained on and trampled over, pull out your piece of paper to remind yourself and get back on that horse!

Giddyup! Let’s attack our day and have a positive purpose behind everything.

Nicole Atkinson is an online fitness and nutrition coach (verynicelady.com) who loves to focus on mental wellbeing. Struggling severely with anxiety in her past, she now uses her time to help others find recovery and teach people the importance of fitness, nutrition and self love. 

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