September 20, 2017


Whole 30 Challenge: Reset Your Tastes, Reshape Your Life

In preparation for the launch of Composition ID’s revamped nutrition program, we decided to host a mid-summer Whole30 challenge! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Whole30, it is a 30-day elimination diet that contains whole foods like vegetables, fruit, protein, nuts, and even bacon, lots of bacon! Calorie counting is not encouraged – sounds wild, right?

We began the challenge on July 10th with a baseline CompID Scan given to 25 participants who received precise and comprehensive data ab

out their body composition. The challenge included a follow-up CompID Scan to present comparative data. A private Facebook group was established so participants could ask questions and offer tips and tricks for staying on track. For 30 days, we helped support members with recipes, blogs, advice, and memes (because when you spend a month not eating bread and cheese, sometimes you just need a good laugh).

Our winners – one male and one female – were Andrew and Sarah! They both embraced the Whole30 spirit from day one, and it showed in their results (and in their mouthwatering meals posted on the Facebook group.) Andrew rocked an amazing 4.7% body fat decrease within the 30-day window, and Sarah saw a whopping 4.2% decrease! They both showed serious commitment to the program, even allowing themselves minimal ‘cheat’ foods, and amazing willpower. Congratulations guys!

We were so impressed with our members because let’s be honest, eliminating food groups is hard. Here at Composition ID, we’ll level with you. We definitely think that it’s possible to live a healthy life while eating bread, cheese, and the occasional ice cream cone. But we are also firm believers in forming healthy habits! The Whole30 Challenge was an incredible way to help our members kick their sugar and salt cravings. Many of the participants reported improved energy and sleep (after the first 4 days of “hanger” ebbed, of course). Additionally, many ended the challenge with a better understanding of how excess salt and sugar affects their daily lives – that’s is definitely worth 30 days of effort. Stay tuned for our next challenge!

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