May 23, 2016


The 4 letter “F” word

I just arrived back home from a night of camping with my boyfriend. He thought it would be SO romantic to take me deep into the woods, rent a cabin with NO electric or cell phone service and be COMPLETELY unassociated from all other living souls (besides Jason from Friday the 13th who was running around our cabin in the middle of the night).

Ok so you get the picture — we were in the middle of nowhere and honestly, I was FREAKED the heck out! I literally could NOT relax or enjoy this special moment of being alone for the first time in over two years. It happened… FEAR. I missed the shooting stars. I missed cuddling quietly. I missed the sounds of nature. I missed true alone time.

When fear sets in there is a downward spiral of crazy emotions where negative thoughts start to creep in one right after the other. Fear can sometimes be so powerful that it becomes paralyzing.

I shared this story with all of you because I realized a valuable lesson: fear is the only thing that holds us back from experiencing and enjoying certain areas of life and holds us back from achieving goals and dreams.

Fear of what others will think.
Fear of embarrassment.
Fear of failure.
Fear. Fear. Fear.

Stop and think about this for a moment — if you had no fear (or limited fear) how much of your life would be different? How much happier would you be? Would you finally be living your dreams?

So much of our time is spent worrying on what is ABOUT to happen or what HAS happened that we forget to live NOW and do NOW. Stay present and live a life of purpose… Stop letting <<<Enter the 4 letter “F” word>>>’s hold you back!

Nicole Atkinson is an online fitness and nutrition coach ( who loves to focus on mental wellbeing. Struggling severely with anxiety in her past, she now uses her time to help others find recovery and teach people the importance of fitness, nutrition and self love. 

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