Where can I get a DEXA Scan in Washington, DC?

Shannon Miller

March 6, 2019

The DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area is home to some of the healthiest communities in the nation. The American College of Sports Medicine ranked Arlington, Virginia #1 healthiest city in the nation, while Washington, DC was ranked #3 – and for good reason. With fitness studios and wellness centers popping up on every corner, there are endless options of places to visit to benefit your personal health. Beyond first-class gyms, CrossFit facilities, yoga studios and juiceries, the DMV offers body composition testing using a DEXA scan with DXA technology at 4 different Composition ID locations.

What is a DEXA Scan & How is it Performed?

A DEXA scan is body composition analysis device that scans the entire body using low-dose X-ray beams to assess body fat, lean muscle mass, visceral fat and bone density. It is most commonly used in medical facilities to test for risk of osteoporosis in patients, but the technology can be applied to learning more about percentage of fat and muscle in the body to inform overall heath. A scan is performed by an individual laying on a flat-bed scan device while the device “arm” scans over the top of the body. The procedure is non-invasive and takes approximately 6 minutes.

How do I prepare for a DEXA Scan?

Unlike other body composition analysis tests, there is no need to limit food or water intake, or refrain from exercising prior to a scan. A scan technician will instruct you to remove shoes and any metal jewelry, then relax on the scan bed while the machine operates.

What Should I Expect to Learn?

Results from a DEXA scan are instantaneous. After the full scan is complete, a comprehensive report is generated directly from the machine. It provides detailed data on percent and total mass of body fat and lean muscle mass, as well as visceral fat and bone density analysis. It also breaks down fat and lean mass and percentage regionally to enable assessment of imbalances in the body that could lead to injury. Unique to all other body composition tests, DXA technology provides a measure of bone mineral content which is important when assessing bone heath, particularly in elderly populations. Visceral fat, or the fat found within the abdominal cavity surrounding the organs, is also measured during a DEXA scan. This is crucial in understanding risk of preventative diseases such as cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes.

DEXA Scan Locations in the DMV

In a vibrant, bustling part of the country with a population that obviously values optimal health and performance, facilities that offer a next-level dedication to health and fitness are more than welcomed. As of 2019, there are 4 Composition ID locations in the Washington-Maryland-Virginia region that provide the opportunity for individuals to gain a deep understanding of their health and fitness, while also gaining access to personalized nutrition coaching to reach their goals.

Washington, DC

Composition ID in Washington D.C.

DC’s booming brownstone-lined neighborhood spans part of the District’s Northwest quadrant and hosts hundreds of unique small businesses from locally owned grocery stores to high-end restaurants. Composition ID is located in the heart of Shaw next to Urban Athletic Club and surrounded by an undoubtedly active population of residents. Schedule a visit to Composition ID – Shaw.


Just north of the nation’s capital in Maryland, Composition ID has two locations in Bethesda and Baltimore. Both locations are nestled in lively neighborhoods with fitness studios and healthy restaurants lining the streets. Composition ID Baltimore is located inside Seya Wellness, and Composition ID Bethesda is located near CrossFit Bethesda and Next Phase Studio. Schedule a visit to Composition ID – Bethesda or Baltimore.


Composition ID in Arlington

Take a short hop across the river from DC and you’ll find Composition ID’s Virginia location across the street from Ballston CrossFitSchedule a visit to Composition ID – Arlington.


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