What to Expect when Working with a Virtual Nutrition Coach

Shannon Miller

April 30, 2020

Follow any generic plan and you’ll get generic results – if any at all. Work by yourself and the odds of adhering to said “plan” are slim. When it comes to nutrition, everyone’s goals, lifestyles and preferences are different. Shouldn’t everyone’s nutrition plan be different too? A nutrition coach knows that for those dedicated to achieving their health goals, a one-size-fits-all plan with limited support is less than ideal. In the era of social distancing, a Virtual Nutrition Coach can be the perfect partner in supporting your health journey by using an approach tailored specifically to your metabolism and goals. Read more below on what to expect when working with a virtual coach through NutritionID.

Comprehensive Assessment & Personal Profile

There is no one in the world like you. Everyone has a unique genetic makeup, metabolism, and lifestyle. The first step a Virtual Nutrition Coach will take is to complete a comprehensive online assessment, designed to gather detailed, personalized information about your current nutritional intake, exercise level, dietary preferences/limitations, and overall goals. Typically, a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test would be conducted, but given safety measures taken during the pandemic, a virtual coach will rather combine personalized information with data derived from previous RMR tests to establish as accurately as possible your RMR. For example, based on volumes of RMR data, a 25-year old female with a certain height, weight and eating habits, and who follows a particular exercise routine, will generally fall within a specific RMR range. Thereby, a recommendation on daily food intake can be applied.

Sustainable Macronutrient & Calorie Plan

From there, a coach will develop a personalized daily calorie and macronutrient plan based on your unique body composition goals. Burning fat and building muscle looks different for everyone, nutrition-wise. Lifestyle and activity level also affect total energy expenditure per day, which further informs caloric intake levels to see results over time. An important piece of a nutrition plan is sustainability. A coach will develop a nutrition protocol that fuels the body appropriately without being restrictive, incorporating foods that are enjoyable to eat, and leaving room for treats. A coach also provides weekly calorie adjustments if needed based on short-term results and feedback from a client.

Communication at Your Convenience

Coaching should be an interactive, team-oriented experience. It’s incredibly important to find a coach who is invested in your progress on a daily to weekly basis, which requires a commitment to communication. A Virtual Nutrition Coach will be readily available to communicate online about any questions, difficulties or to celebrate progress. Assessment around milestones or check-in points is also crucial to a program’s success. A coach will be with you each step of the way as your personal touch point.

Accountability, Accountability, Accountability

For most, having an external source of accountability can be the difference in falling off a plan or achieving tremendous success. A virtual coach will provide weekly check-ins, asking questions to guide next steps in either altering or maintaining a plan. Food tracking through MyFitnessPal also allows a coach to see what you are consuming and offer recommendations in real-time or on a weekly basis to help keep you on track and focused as a dedicated partner in your success.

Virtual Nutrition Coaching is a convenient and effective way to achieve body composition and overall health goals given its personalized approach with one-on-one support.

Contact the CompositionID team to learn more about NutritionID or sign up for 1, 3 or 6 months of coaching!

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