Meet Your Composition ID Washington, DC Ambassadors!

Shannon Miller

December 3, 2020

In this special edition of the blog, we are proud to announce your new Composition ID Ambassadors in Washington, D.C.!

You may have seen them around town, jogging the Mall, frequenting healthy eateries, and fully embodying a healthy lifestyle every step of the way. They have also made Composition ID their go-to place for optimizing their health. For this reason, we have hand-selected 9 individuals to represent our values at Composition ID in the DC community based on their accomplishments – and the strong influence they have on others to achieve greatness through fitness, nutrition, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. Their dedication to a healthy lifestyle is seen through their commitment to taking care of their bodies through fitness and nutrition. We are honored to have them represent our mission by spreading the importance of health, nutrition and total body knowledge. 

Get to know your Composition ID Ambassadors below and
follow them on social media to learn more about their journeys! 


Karene Richards

Karene Richards is a health coach, personal trainer and public speaker who was formerly an Investment Banker and CEO of the Association for Women in Science. She has leveraged her mathematical skills to develop a robust scientific system to help people transform their physiques. Karene is known for her ability to dramatically transform physiques in a matter of weeks. She is a women’s advocate and is a nationally qualified bikini competitor with the National Physique Committee. In 2019, Karene was named the Most Influential People of African Descent under 40 by the United Nations. She currently serves on the Board for both The Association For Women in Science and The National Speakers Association.

Follow Karene on Instagram: @fithiddenfigure


Diana Chalikova

Diana is a Master Trainer at Vida Fitness. She is a former tennis professional with the WTA, emitting passion, motivation and inspiration. As a trainer and coach she brings over a decade of experience in helping clients achieve their goals. Apart from training her clients, Diana takes interest in weightlifting and powerlifting. She hopes to one day compete on a national level. Getting to know Diana, you’ll love her high energy, and outgoing personality as well as her dedication to health, fitness, and donuts!

Follow Diana on Instagram: @_squats_and_donuts


Angela Jennings

Angela is an avid fitness professional that played sports her entire life. She found her home with boxing and is the Co-Founder of BOOMBOX Boxing Club. When not in the gym, Angela enjoys traveling, wine with friends, a good book and she treats herself occasionally with her favorite desert – warm brownies with ice cream!

Follow Angela on Instagram: @aj_boomin


Liz Harvey

Owner and creator of The Burn Factory, Liz brings with her an incredible passion and wealth of knowledge as a business owner and female entrepreneur. A graduate of UNC-Greensboro, where she received a degree in vocal performance. She later went on to travel nationwide and internationally performing at colleges and universities, trade shows, and opera companies. Throughout her collegiate years, Liz maintained a healthy lifestyle that is required as a performer. Her focus was on stamina, endurance, and her keen attention to detail. Liz decided to put her operatic career on hold and pursue her passion for fitness. A stickler for form, she became a certified trainer and nutrition coach in Greensboro, NC where she honed her skills.  Liz specializes in transformation – emotional, mental and physical. 

Follow Liz on Instagram: @theburnfactory


Monica Jones

Monica Jones is a certified personal trainer and wellness influencer based in Arlington,VA. Her specialties include Nutrition, Strength, TRX Suspension and Boxing Conditioning. Monica is the Program Director at BASH Boxing where she loves delivering boxing technique and functional fitness to the amazing staff and members. Mon believes that movement is medicine. When movement meets community, we grow stronger and better together. If you aren’t sweating it out with Mon in the studio, you are most definitely catching her on Global Under Armour Women’s campaigns! 

Follow Monica on Instagram: @trainwithmon


Sarah Jurdi

A group fitness instructor since 2009, Sarah currently teaches at various Equinox locations in and around Washington DC. Having been with the company since 2011, Sarah instructs a wide array of formats, including but are not limited to HIIT classes like Tabata, her favorite, signature Equinox formats (e.g. Stacked and MetCon), and dance cardio classes. Outside of fitness, Sarah works as a Senior Contracts Manager at a tech company. Her career lends itself to countless hours at a computer a week, a lifestyle all too familiar to many. As a result, she has come to view leading a fit life outside of work as a gift to oneself, and often reminds her class members of the same. Advocating self care, balance, and moderation in all things wherever she can, she loves using her classes as a platform to help others to achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals, and most importantly, to lead balanced lifestyles.

Follow Sarah on Instagram: @cordiallysarah


Richie Masters

Richie is a firm believer in science and its purpose. His background is in healthcare but what absolutely drives him is fitness! Sales by day and Boxing coach by night, Richie is fueled by the passion of living life to the fullest and his energy level matches that. Richie coaches at BASH Boxing in Arlington and if you know him, you’ll understand that his drive to motivate and inspire others is next level! His willingness to achieve greatness and positive vibes run through to his core.

Follow Richie on Instagram: @master_masters


LaCadre Howard

LaCadre’s journey into fitness began with Kickboxing in 2013. Not much of an athlete, LaCadre was searching for a way to get into shape, release work stress, and build self confidence. Just 3 months later, he found himself competing as an amateur fighter and this is where his passion for physical conditioning began. LaCadre realized how beneficial combat sports were to his own health and wanted to pass what he learned to others. After coaching part time at boxing studios for years, LaCadre took a leap of faith in 2019 and became a full time group fitness instructor at Bash and Madabolic, while also coaching private sessions. These days, you can catch LaCadre spreading boxing knowledge and positivity to his clients, while also organizing weekly bike rides with his cycling group, Bike Gang Arlington.

Follow LaCadre on Instagram: @lacadre

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