How to Safely Reestablish a Healthy Routine

Shannon Miller

May 14, 2020

Although tentative plans to “reopen” society are beginning in some areas of the country, our world may not look the same for a long time. It’s not a surprise that with the changes in lifestyle, routines have shifted which may have brought on less than ideal habits around nutrition and fitness. It may be tempting to jump back into a pre-COVID-19 lifestyle once restrictions start to lift, but safety should still be the first priority.

Healthy fitness and nutrition habits are built on repetitive behaviors that align with lifestyle and preferences, all crafted around a goal. This is much simpler to navigate with full access to resources like a gym or fitness studio, fully stocked grocery store, and a more stable day-to-day routine at work and at home. However, goals and routines established before the COVID-19 pandemic can still be accomplished with creativity, patience and access to new resources built for virtual support.

Revisit your goals

The first step towards a lifestyle change – or “revamp,” in this case – is to consider your goals. Revisiting goals set before any stay-at-home regulations went into place is an essential first step in establishing new habits. While new goals may look different than before, determine a concrete vision of where you want to be in a specified amount of time.

Focus on what you CAN do

For many, fitness and nutrition have taken a back seat due to gym closures and limited trips to the grocery store. When thinking about designing a routine to develop habits to reach your goals, focus on what you CAN do, now what is restricted at the moment. For instance, gyms may still be closed in most areas, but the great outdoors provides plenty of opportunities to re-establish a fitness routine. Heading outside to hike, bike, run or walk at a scheduled time similar to when you would hit the gym can help create consistency in a “new” fitness plan. Of course, take caution in protecting yourself by wearing a mask or protective gear. Grocery stores may be limited in stock at times, so rely on creativity in meal planning by incorporating similar ingredients into different recipes to limit store trips and maintain meal variety. Tap into local food sources like farmer’s markets (if available), or sign up for meal delivery services if it’s within your budget.

Lean on virtual services

Quarantine orders and social distancing is disrupting many industries, shifting services to virtual settings. While not ideal, virtual offerings can be extremely beneficial to include in a routine to reach reestablished goals. Fitness apps, online trainers and coaching services have exploded, many of which are free or discounted. These high-value services can be a lifeline for many looking for support while still staying safe. Find a virtual fitness class to put on your schedule weekly as a part of your workout plan, or sign up for virtual nutrition coaching. A virtual nutrition coach can serve to help kickstart a nutrition plan and keep you accountable while at home.

Take small steps to establish consistency

Ask any expert and they would agree: the key to getting results is consistency. Keeping consistent in a nutrition and fitness plan can be overwhelming and difficult. Overhauling an entire plan and focusing on perfection can lead to failure. Take small steps each week and build onto habits over time to reestablish a routine that fits within your newly adapted lifestyle. Lean on virtual support through a coach, or simply establish accountability with family and friends to remain steady with your new routine. With continued effort over time, persistence will certainly pay off.

Our world may not look or feel the same as it once did, but our goals can be reached all the same. Safely reestablishing a new routine around fitness and nutrition requires a new way of looking at your capabilities and resources to design a plan that leads to lasting results. Need support in setting new goals and reaching your health potential through nutrition? Sign up for NutritionID or schedule a consult with a nutrition coach to start – or continue – your body composition journey.


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