How to Choose a Virtual Nutrition Coaching Program

Shannon Miller

April 16, 2020

Regardless of how you feel about the “takeover” of technology, it’s clear it is serving us well in this era of social distancing by keeping us connected to family, friends – and much needed health services. Virtual Nutrition Coaching is helping many meet the challenges of being at home and maintaining healthy eating habits. We explore the most important things to look for in a virtual coach and how coaching could be the key factor in keeping progress towards goals alive while “normal” life is shifted temporarily.

From access to telemedicine and online therapists, to fitness instructors and gyms with streamed workouts, our advancements in technology are a helpful asset to many right now. Coaching is also gaining widespread attention, as many realize the benefit of personalized attention from credible experts to guide their “new normal” at home by emphasizing healthy habits.

One of the most significant challenges is nutrition and eating behaviors. Virtual Nutrition Coaching has exploded, as brands and practitioners shift to online platforms to connect and serve clients struggling with meal planning and accountability. However, not all programs are created equally. So, what makes a virtual nutrition coach a key player to have on your health team, and what should you consider when selecting a quality coaching program?

Nutrition is VITAL right now

A strong focus on nutrition is imperative right now for several reasons, most notably to keep safe from viral threats by balancing the immune system. A strong coaching program will emphasize eating behaviors and overall wellness by understanding both macronutrient profiles and micronutrient needs to help you achieve a healthy body composition while reducing risk of chronic (and infectious) diseases. Nutrition is the MOST important aspect of health to place emphasis on: the food we eat is medicine and our first-line of defense to help ward off harmful foreign invaders.

Coaching is PERSONAL

A good coach will assess your current behaviors, strengths, and challenges, and help create goals personal to YOU. Fad diets that often result in “yoyo” weight loss should not be a part of a nutrition coaching program. A good coach will emphasize the inaccuracy of weight loss apps and online calculators and direct you to technology that provides a clear assessment of your health, and work to create a step-by-step approach to meet your body composition goals. Your situation, tendencies, likes, dislikes, mindset, resources and goals are personal: choose a coaching program that works with YOU and engages virtually on a schedule that works best for your lifestyle and does not prescribe a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition.

Focus on WHOLE body, long-term health

Pick a virtual coaching program that emphasizes sustainability and focuses on whole body health. A successful nutrition plan focuses on lifestyle change, not dieting for a specific amount of time through restrictive measures. Behavior change takes time and a coach should invest in an individual’s longevity and mindset – not just what their scale reads each month. Appropriate coaching will take a “marathon” approach, not a “sprint” approach in creating lasting habits to support whole-body health. A coach will also emphasize the importance of crafting routines around fitness, mindfulness, and other facets of wellness that keep both the body and mind healthy for life.

There is a huge influx of virtual nutrition programming taking over the health market currently. It is worth taking care in choosing a coach by considering the personalization of services, the approach to both holistic health and nutritional habits, and how flexible they can be in contact through video calls, emails and texting during a time of social distancing.

If virtual nutrition coaching would be beneficial to your health journey, learn more about our new 1, 3, or 6 month coaching packages and connect with our team to get started!








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