Client Transformation: Sherry Yu, Washington, D.C.

Shannon Miller

November 21, 2019

Back with another client perspective from our series of body composition transformation journeys with precision nutrition! We’ve been asking Composition ID clients how they have used strategic nutrition planning to transform their body composition. We were curious which plan worked best to reach their goals, and what advice they would give to anyone focusing on precision nutrition within their overall health and fitness journey. Read on to hear Washington, D.C. client, Sherry Yu’s experience following a macro-specific diet that focuses on building muscle and losing fat.

CompID: What diet/nutrition plan have you been following?

Sherry: Macro-specific using Renaissance Periodization (RP).

CompID: How long have you been following RP?

Sherry: Since February 28th of this year. I have gone through 2 cuts and 1 maintenance period and am currently on my second maintenance period. (They mean what they sound: a cut is when you are eating with an intention to lose body fat, and maintenance is eating with an intention to maintain current body weight.)

CompID: Describe your results/progress to-date.

Sherry: From February 28, 2019 to the end of my second cut on September 1, 2019: Body fat percentage 40 -> 24.1, 30.9# fat loss, 5.3# lean muscle mass gain. PR’ed basically every single lift possible in CrossFit and competed in my first local competition. Improved from 7th percentile to 37th percentile worldwide between the February and October Open.

CompID: What’s the biggest challenge you have faced while following this plan?

Sherry: Getting started, getting back on track, and keep going. I am an impulsive and impatient person, and although that serves me well at times, it most definitely does not when you are on a cut. Changes come slowly, and most likely, invisibly. Not seeing anything and feeling like not going anywhere were hard, so was having to face some of the other problems I have without turning to food for comfort. Maintenance is the difficult thing because there is no end in sight, and “not getting worse” is less sexy than seeing the number goes down.

CompID: What advice do you have for others interested in this plan?

Sherry: RP is probably the best thing that has happened to me in changing my physique (CrossFit is the best thing that has happened to me in fitness). There are a ton of science behind it and it truly works. Just get started and do it. Keep it simple, keep going. You will get there.

When considering a nutrition plan, it’s important to find a protocol that works for your unique metabolism and genetics – which can seem like a bit of trial and error. Whether it be keto, paleo, Whole30, or macro-specific, results can vary. Fortunately, the right technology and tools can help take the guess-work out of nutrition planning. DEXA scanning and resting metabolic rate tests provide invaluable data needed to craft an individualized nutrition plan that brings results. Contact our team to develop a tailor-made nutrition plan that supports your goals.

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