November 7, 2019

Shannon Miller

Client Transformation: Deb Carstoiu, Washington, D.C.

We asked Composition ID clients how they used strategic nutrition planning to transform their body composition. We were curious which plan worked best to reach their goals, and what advice they would give to anyone focusing on precision nutrition within their overall health and fitness journey. Read on to hear Washington, D.C. client, Deb Carstoiu’s, experience following a macro-specific diet and the amazing results she achieved.

CompID: What diet/nutrition plan have you been following and for how long?

Deb: I have been following a macro-specific diet for about 3 months.

CompID: What has been your progress to-date?

Deb: In the last three months, I have lost 22.8 pounds, 19.25 inches, gained nearly 24% in muscle quality, and lost 7% body fat.

CompID: What’s the biggest challenge you have faced while following this plan?

Deb: I had trouble maintaining weight loss for years, between work travel, kids, being the only pescatarian in my house (and having to cook a different meal), and general boredom working out. Each time I get disciplined, I learn more lessons and strategies for making sure I eat high-quality food that is readily available, and different ways to keep working out interesting.

CompID: What advice do you have for others interested in this plan?

Deb: A macro-specific diet requires a lot of thought and planning. It’s overwhelming at first, but there are tricks to planning your food and macros for the day. It’s also helpful to prep and make sure you have quality snacks and meals ready for when you don’t have time to cook.

When considering a nutrition plan, it’s important to find a protocol that works for your unique metabolism and genetics – which can seem like a bit of trial and error. Whether it be keto, paleo, Whole30, or macro-specific, results can vary. Fortunately, the right technology and tools can help take the guess-work out of nutrition planning. DEXA scanning and resting metabolic rate tests provide invaluable data needed to craft an individualized nutrition plan that brings results. Contact our team to develop a tailor-made nutrition plan that supports your goals.

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