Client Perspective: My Fitness & Nutrition Journey During Quarantine

Shannon Miller

June 11, 2020

If staying motivated during quarantine has been challenging, you are not alone. However, Arlington, VA client, Patrick McNeely’s experience is motivating to say the least. Read more on how Patrick kept his routine and his drive for results alive as his lifestyle shifted to accommodate widespread regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What has been your experience with your body composition journey during quarantine?

Initially, quarantine seemed like it would make health and fitness an absolute nightmare to manage. However, once I got into a routine and realized the one thing I could control is my nutrition and exercise, my problem was solved.

What has helped you keep a focus on nutrition and fitness?

The most helpful aspect during this was knowing that I had a data-driven “test” coming up at Composition ID. I thought of it like I was studying for an exam: if you prepare, you will do great. If you don’t, you have to try harder next time.

How have you remained accountable to your plan?

I have continued to track my macronutrients and have stuck to a solid workout routine.

What has been the most challenging part of the last few months?

The biggest challenge is staying a on wellness track while being surrounded by non-controllable factors.

What have you learned about yourself and your body composition journey during quarantine?

I am able to stick to a plan for more than a month. Typically I would have slowly faded out my routine and relaxed back into my comfort zone. I found that being accountable is key.

What advice would you give to others struggling with their nutrition and fitness during quarantine?

For every nutrition or fitness decision you make, ask yourself “is this getting me closer or farther away from my goal?” Not every decision will be geared towards “optimal health,” but make sure the majority are.

How will you take what you have learned or the habits you’ve developed back into “real life” as restrictions continue to lift?

Just keep at it every single day. Think of it like brushing your teeth – you continue to develop the habit every day and it becomes second nature.

How beneficial have DEXA scans and RMR been as a tool in your fitness and nutrition plan?

Extremely beneficial. Having the data to back-up a baseline body composition and knowing my follow-up appointments are coming is huge. No more “ball park” estimates by height and weight. You have the information to make the best decisions for you.

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