Client Perspective: “Eat Clean and Get Your Life Back”

Shannon Miller

July 11, 2019

Richard Kelsey, Composition ID client based in the Washington, DC area had tremendous results physically and mentally after understanding his body composition and committing to a nutrition plan that eliminated processed foods. Read more about his inspiring transformation and words of advice for those starting on their own health and fitness goals.

What is the biggest change you implemented?

I finally took the nutrition piece seriously. I decided that proper nutrition was a full-time job and not a part-time habit. I couldn’t merely cut calories and starve myself. I had to find a nutrition plan that worked and one that did not cause me to roam the kitchen starving, opening up the pantry and fridge door all night … tempting myself.

What was the hardest part of the Nutrition Challenge?

I got rid of the junk. Obviously, I got rid of any traditional “junk” food, but I also got rid of non-real food. In short, if it didn’t grow from the ground, then it wasn’t in the plan. This included artificial sweeteners, diet soda, and all processed food. Other than chicken and fish, everything I ate was a fruit, vegetables, real fat, nut, etc.  I also committed to counting every calorie and measuring every serving … every time. It wasn’t fun, but it was essential.

How did Composition ID help you help you achieve your goals/make progress?

Getting the scan was the most eye-opening thing I have ever done in my life. It was humbling. It was shocking, and it was motivational. I thought I was an expert at all this. Moreover, by the time I got the scan, I was down nearly 70 pounds, so I expected it to be pretty good. And, since I was using a high-tech Body Impedance scale and measuring my body parts every week, I figured my body fat would be 20 or so. In fact, my scale told me my body fat was 19.3. It wasn’t. The scan showed me all the fat that I thought was muscle, wasn’t. It made me elevate my game so that my workouts and nutrition could meet my fat loss and strength goals.

What advice would you give to someone looking to make changes to their nutrition?

You can’t out walk, run, or lift a dirty diet. You can’t starve yourself into fitness. You can’t report to a $20.00 scale and accept its feedback as progress or failure. You need lots of tools and data to measure your fat loss, push your conditioning, and understand if you are making the right changes. Honestly, the biggest mistake people make is doing a crash or fad diet, or buying exercise equipment or gym memberships as their first move.

I lost 70 pounds eating clean and walking around my neighborhood. Before I went back to the gym, I was walking and doing pushups, things you can do without an unnecessary investment. Spend your money on nutrition counseling so you don’t have to guess or Google … and get yourself a scan to see where you are.

I am nearly 53 years old. On July 18, 2018, I was 304 lbs. I couldn’t run to the end of my street or do more than 20 pushups. This morning, in the blazing heat, I ran three miles in 24 minutes. Tonight I did over 1000 pushups. My waist was 51.5, it is now 32.5. I have more muscle than when I weighed 304, but I only weigh about 200 lbs. right now. It’s the food first. Eat clean and get back your life.

Eliminating processed foods was the most successful thing I ever did to kill cravings. That alone got me started.

I shocked the team at Composition ID with my results, and I am going to do it again in 6 months. I hope you do too.



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