5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Shannon Miller

December 10, 2018

While the holidays are filled with fun times with loved ones, it’s hard not to fall off a nutrition or exercise plan you’ve worked so hard to follow all year. Don’t fret: you’re just a few tips away from staying fit, even while surrounded by cookies and eggnog.

Don’t be a Taste-tester

Everyone has their favorite holiday dish – their MUST-have to celebrate the season. With family in town and parties to attend, it’s a guarantee there will be more than average recipes to cook and meals to prepare.

While it’s good to test flavor, keep taste-testing at a minimum, as calories can quickly (and unknowingly) add up. Limit the “it’s just a bite” mentality and portion wisely at mealtime.

Bring out the Subs

Don’t tell Grandma, but certain ingredients in indulgent recipes can be swapped for healthier options without compromising taste. Think of creative ways to add veggies, limit high-fat oils and butter, or use a natural sweetener instead of refined sugar in traditional recipes.


  • Cauliflower mash instead of mashed potatoes
  • Grilled fruit instead of pie
  • Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • Whole grains instead of white flour
  • Coconut sugar instead of refined sugar

Look for Fitness Deals

Gyms, studios and health stores will soon be churning out deals to kickstart health goals around the holidays and the new year. Get ahead of the game by researching local deals and take advantage of saving money to stay fit.

Capitalize on Sleep

You wouldn’t want to hibernate all season, but extra sleep can boost metabolism, regulate hunger hormones, and reduce inflammation. In fact, sleeping fewer than 7 hours a night has been linked to overweight and obesity.

Make the most of your time off to allow your body to rest and restore.

Make Health a “Theme”

Not sure what presents to buy your loved ones? Make health a “theme” this year. Fitness trackers, sports equipment, healthy cookbooks, health club gift cards are great ways to show your love this season.

Take care of friends and family by supporting their health and wellness during the holidays the same way you do for yourself year-round.

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