4 Strategies for Staying Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shannon Miller

March 19, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted much of our daily lives, and with this comes uncertainty around how to maintain healthy fitness and nutrition habits to stay on track with goals – while still staying safe from the virus. However, just like the over-pouring of news headlines, the influx of recommendations for staying healthy can be overwhelming. Our experts narrowed down the top four “buckets” of health that are the most important to prioritize right now so you don’t sacrifice progress towards your goals.


It is obvious that safety is the most important piece of health during a legitimate public health crisis. The Centers for Disease Control has recommended social distancing and safe sanitation practices, for good reason. While some populations may have less of a chance of severe consequences from contracting COVID-19, no one is invincible.

Our advice: Most importantly, we must protect our health with first-line defenses like cleaning counters at home, wiping down cell phones, computers and other frequently used technology, washing our hands when coming home from outside, and limit touching our faces. By protecting our health, we help protect others – and we remain healthy enough to stay active keep working towards fitness goals.


Speaking of fitness, body composition goals rely on incorporating fitness into our lifestyle. Although access to gyms and group fitness studios is limited temporarily, carving out space and time to remain active is essential, not only for maintaining muscle mass, but supporting the immune system and mental health.

Our advice: Incorporate at-home workouts into your daily schedule, take walks outside (keeping a distance from others where possible), stand while working, and carve out time to stretch periodically.


Being at home can bring out new temptations to veer from our routine nutrition plan, which over time can disrupt overall health and body composition goals. While in closer proximity to our refrigerators and pantries, it’s difficult to stay consistent and disciplined, and still allow a normal amount of flexibility in our diet.

Our advice: Limit foods that you know will bring temptation and stock up on healthy, fresh options. Schedule times to prepare meals and block out time for eating. Track what you eat at home to remain aware of consumption behaviors. Also, incorporate immune-boosting ingredients to meals, like leafy greens, citrus fruits, mushrooms, wild-caught salmon, turmeric, and ginger. Finally, reach out for extra support from a Nutrition Coach to stay accountable.


A majority of us are facing a “new normal” in our daily lifestyle. With this comes a new way of thinking, feeling, remaining productive at work. As social beings, we are limited in interaction which can be detrimental to our mindset. It’s imperative to prime our environment at home for work and stay connected with loved ones and friends virtually. While downtime is needed, too much can risk inaction and possibly depression.

Our advice: Schedule virtual hang-outs with friends through Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Create a designated work area at home with elements that are familiar to an office environment, or that remind you of your regular work space. Use extra time to catch up on home projects to stay busy and feel productive.

This is an unprecedented time in history – and with it requires extra effort to stay safe and healthy. It is easy to feel thrown off, but focusing on what we can control in our environment, remaining active, eating to support our immune system, and staying connected to our support systems will be crucial in keeping a healthy mind and body.

Our offices are open and our team is here for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please reach out for support if needed. We want to continue being a resource for health and wellness for our communities, while keeping safety our first priority. 

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