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Where Can I Get a DEXA Scan in Houston, TX

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The continuous influx of discoveries about the human body has further underlined the importance of prioritizing health. Along with the numerous medical advancements that help monitor and maintain health, one of the newest and most accurate ways of receiving in-depth knowledge about specific indicators of the heath is by administering a body composition test using DEXA…

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sleep effects on body composition

What You Should Know about How Sleep Affects Body Composition

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What You Should Know about How Sleep Affects Body Composition The importance of sleep is emphasized starting early on in life: parents plan naps and early bedtimes for their children to support healthy growth and development. However, getting adequate sleep later in life is just as important – though it is often harder to achieve.…

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What is a DEXA Scan?: A New Way to Track Fat

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What is a Dexa Scan? By many in the industry, a Dexa scan is considered the gold standard of lean to fat mass composition measurements. Simply put a DEXA scan or also (dxa scan) measures body composition. By using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry Dexa the scanner can provides  extreme and precise body composition results. This includes…

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Seeking Nutrition Coaching Beta Group!

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You’re interested in DEXA scanning and learning what your true body composition really is….but aren’t really sure where to go with all of that information once you get it. Or,  you’ve gotten a DEXA scan before, tried to set some goals, but didn’t quite know which direction to take to lose that belly fat you’ve been looking to get rid of for the last year. 

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Staying Steady for the Storm – Fitness in Your Life

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Conventional thinking has a way of overshadowing supported science and sound advice. For example, if you want to lose pounds of body fat and reveal defined muscles underneath a layer of smooth, tan skin this summer, then undoubtedly you need to eat less and work out more.

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Macros and Weight Loss

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If you’re even remotely close to the fitness industry, or someone in it, you’ve heard of the concept of “if it fits your macros.” For some, it’s a way of life. For others, even the thought of keeping detailed notes on exactly what and how much they consume is their worst nightmare. So, I wanted to do a little breakdown and analysis of some benefits of macro counting, and maybe you can let you decide for yourself whether you could pull enough benefit out of the experience to give it a go. 

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4 Not-As-Common Exercises That Can Pay Off

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There’s a nearly endless variety of different exercises that you can use in the weight room, and with so many options to choose from it’s a virtual certainty that some won’t get the attention they deserve. I’ve chosen to highlight the following four exercises because I think that they tend to be under-utilized by most gym goers, but this isn’t to say that any of them are some sort of magic bullet. Not to dash anybody’s hopes right from the start, but there is no such bullet.

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3 Weight Training Protocols for improved Body Composition

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Training with heavy weights is an essential part of any program designed to improve body composition. Short of diet, it’s the most important part of any such program… more so than running or any other aerobic ‘fat burning’ style of working out. Far too often weightlifting is overlooked as a way to lose weight because it’s associated with gaining weight, but the truth is those two things actually go hand-in-hand. If you’re interested in dropping body fat, a big part of the solution is almost certainly to add lean muscle mass to your frame. And while this may sound off-putting to anybody that uses a bathroom scale to gauge the success of a body composition program, adding muscle mass and adding mass are not the same thing. 

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