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Our goal is to put YOU in control of your health.


We are a group of fitness and nutrition enthusiasts that love learning new methods, theories, and techniques within the industry. As a team, we come from a diverse set of backgrounds, from physiology, nutrition and exercise science, to business, psychology and medicine.

We’re all athletes in our own realms – powerlifters, figure competitors, marathoners, and swimmers. We’ve all realized that regardless of what your health & fitness goals are…you’re much better off if you know where you’re starting, so that you can know where you’re going!

Meet our leaders

We are athletes, health nuts, and science nerds.

Tiffany Harlan


Tiffany Harlan started Composition ID in January 2014 and brings over 15 years of experience in the fields of preventative health, fitness, aging, exercise physiology and advanced diagnostic testing. Most recently, Tiffany has worked alongside multiple physicians for one of the top age management institutes in the nation, specializing in elite performance testing, exercise and nutrition programming; while at the same time growing and managing a new local health club as the Fitness Director for a large spa and wellness industry provider.

She is passionate about providing clients with as much information as possible about their bodies. And teaching and empowering them with that data to ensure that her clients are achieving the results that they set out to accomplish.

She holds a degree from the University of Maryland in Kinesiology and is a certified personal trainer, Spin instructor and nutrition coach. She is the proud mother of three daughters and now calls Maryland home.

In her free time, she can be found binge watching the Bachelor (with a cup of strong, no-BS black coffee) or playing the role of director for her daughter's Beyonce and Shakira dance routines.

Managing Partner + Lead Nutrition Coach

Daira is a Health Coach and Nutritionist passionate about body & mind. With a degree in Food Science and Nutrition, Daira is continuously investing in her practice. She is very much involved in educating her clients about the true power of food, balanced meal planning as well as teaching children and families how to shop, cook and eat healthy on a budget. With over 6 years of experience in nutrition and wellness, Daira specializes in customized planning that fit individual needs of her clients, whether to reach weight/fat loss goals, optimize fitness performance, or just adapt to healthier eating habits. A strong believer in food as preventative medicine, Daira loves to spend time creating nutrient-rich recipes and is currently finishing her first cook book. Outside of work, Daira is a devoted Yogi who also enjoys meditation, reading, hiking and basketball.

We connect fitness and health through comprehensive data analysis

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