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Guest Perspective: I Tried the “Carnivore Diet” and Here’s What Happened

Candace Coclough, certified holistic health coach, certified personal trainer, keto advocate, and founder of Get Fit With Fat (formerly The Glow Getter), describes her journey…

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Resistance Training vs. Cardio: How to Maximize Fat Burn

Ever wonder what a scientist thinks about losing weight? Composition ID’s Scientific Contributor, Heather D. Huntsman, Ph.D., CSCS, discusses important factors about burning fat through…

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What is Virtual Personal Training & How Does it Work?

Streaming isn’t just for Netflix binging anymore. There’s a new trend hitting the personal training industry that is gaining steam by leveraging similar technology: Virtual…

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How Often Should I get a DEXA Scan?

A baseline measurement of body composition can speak a lot about individual health and help inform a plan to achieve specific goals in body fat…

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How to Stay Healthy During Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting for 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide. For 30 days every year, Muslims abstain from food and water from sunrise…

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Why is it Important to Rest & Recover for Results?

What if we told you less work can lead to better results? While it may make sense to churn out hard workouts each and every…

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The Breakdown of a Resting Metabolic Rate Test

To see results after making a body composition goal, it’s crucial to understand your specific metabolic information. A Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test provides the…

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DEXA Scan vs. Hydrostatic Weighing for Body Fat Analysis

Science and technology is extraordinary, especially when it comes to understanding the body. Several forms of body composition analysis testing have been developed over time…

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How to Age Gracefully with a Healthy Body Composition

Getting older – it’s something most of us dread. It seems as our number in age creeps up, so do new aches, pains, and wrinkles.…

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Client Spotlight: Michelle, Houston, TX

At Composition ID, we take pride in helping our clients reach their goals. This week, we’re spotlighting our Houston client Michelle. She is a wife, a…

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What is a Nutrition Coach and Why do you Need One?

Most health goals, whether it be changing body composition, improving athletic performance, or increasing energy, are hugely reliant on feeding the body proper nutrients. But…

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Client Spotlight: Lezlie, Houston, TX

At Composition ID, we take pride in helping our clients reach their goals. We’d like to spotlight our client Lezlie: a wife, mother of 3,…

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How to Read DEXA Scan Results

What differentiates a DEXA scan from any other body composition test is the amount of specific and thorough data that is produced from a standard…

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Our Nutritionist’s Top 4 Tips for Dining Out in Houston

Nutrition plans and dining out don’t always coexist smoothly. But they can with a little bit of effort and planning. Kayla Newnam, Composition ID Houston’s…

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Where can I get a DEXA Scan in Washington, DC?

The DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area is home to some of the healthiest communities in the nation. The American College of Sports Medicine ranked Arlington, Virginia #1…

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